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New Product Release: MAX-31C and MAX-10/31k 5/05/2021

The highly requested shortened Suomi Drum Uppers for the M-11/9 and M-10 will be finished soon!
At approximately 2-1/2" shorter than the original drum Uppers, they make a great host for use with a suppressor. The M-11/9 version is called the MAX-31C and the M-10 version is called the MAX-10/31k. A waiting list is being formed for both Uppers.
Click here to send an e-mail to get on the list for the MAX-31C
Click here to send an e-mail to get on the list for the MAX-10/31k
We will e-mail you back what number you are. As always, there is no deposit or obligation to purchase when you get added to the waiting list.
Pictures below are of the MAX-31C before black anodize finishing. Videos and more pictures will be coming soon!

Have an M-11A1? We already have a shortened drum Upper for it! Click here to go to the MAX-31k Webpage

Status update on the MAX-10/15 and MAX-11A1/15 upper receivers. 03/11/21

Regarding the status of the MAX-10/15 and MAX-11A1/15 upper receivers we submitted to BATFE Firearms and Technology Division, we still have not received a determination letter from BATFE. We will not go into production until we hear back. As soon as we have an update we will post it here and on our social media accounts. has been revised to a more current format! 08/12/20

We experienced an attack on our website in June that caused alot of dysfunction with our website. While we had attempted to restore functionality, it seemed best to just redo the whole website. This new format should be easier for you to navigate and use. We hope you like it!

Status update on the MAX-10/15 and MAX-11A1/15 upper receivers. 08/12/20

Regarding the status of the MAX-10/15 and MAX-11A1/15 upper receivers we submitted to BATFE Firearms and Technology Division, we called to leave a message the other day and their system will not let you leave a message anymore. The old system used to be that you would call, leave a message and an agent would call you back within 24 hours. We called and left a message about 6 months ago and they never returned it. Instead of reaching voicemail, you hear a recording of their mail in address. We will write a letter, but it's probably pointless. There might be agents working from home due to Covid, but I doubt it. Our best guess is that we will hear something early next year.

MAX-11/15 IRM versus AR Buffer system 06/16/2018:

There have been alot of questions about which recoil system a customer might want for their MAX-11/15 so here is some more information.

I am not going to go into the details of the IRM (Internal Recoil Mechanism) while we are going through the patent process for the upper. When we have Patent Pending status, I'll show details, pix and video. We will have Patent Pending before the first unit is sold.

All I can say is that the upper with the IRM assembles on the the lower receiver with no modification to the lower receiver. There is a step you need to do before removing the upper to make it easier to re-install the upper once it is removed. If you forget this step, you will have to do a different step before you re-install the upper again. No screws involved. Not a bunch of complex parts to deal with. You will have to trust me that it is simple and convenient to use.

For the AR Buffer version, you do have to drill a hole in the lower receiver and install the AR Stock Assembly (AR Stock Adapter with AR Stock, Buffer Tube, Buffer and Spring). To change stocks, all you have to do is remove the one screw that secures the AR Stock Assembly to the Lower Receiver and install the stock you prefer.

With the IRM, you can use any stock you want, including an AR stock. You can also use a Folding or Collapsible stock which is something you cannot do with the AR Buffer version.

With the AR Buffer version you have to use a stock system with an AR Buffer Tube, Buffer and Spring. With this system, you can experiment with different buffers and springs to tweak the system, if necessary, for different calibers.

So far, .223 Remington, 5.5x45mm and .300 BLK has been tested in both systems and they both work equally well in both systems. We know that some customers are going to want to try different calibers and the ability to tweak the buffer system may help with that.

In order to maximize production and get MAX-11/15s in customer's hands as soon as possible, we will be offering only one configuration- 5.56x45mm caliber and a 10-1/2" barrel.

BATFE Tech Branch has approved both versions of the MAX-11/15 06/13/2018:

We have received our determination letter from the BATFE and they have approved both versions of the MAX-11/15! We will start production right away and hope to have the first 20 ready in a few months. After the first run we will increase the quantity of each run with the goal of doing a minimum of 50 per 4-6 weeks. Since both versions were approved you will be contacted a month or two prior to the run that you are going to be in and we will ask you which version you would like (AR Recoil System or Internal Recoil Mechanism). There will be no price difference between the two options. The price for the MAX-11/15 will be finalized when the first production run is completed but it is estimated to be $2,995. We estimate to reach the end of the current list in approximately 18 months. We will continue to post updates of the status on our website.

MAX-11/15 Project Status Update 05/23/18

We submitted the original prototype that was provided by MAK91 to BATFE Tech Branch and received an "Approval Letter". Yes, in theory, we could produce and sell that version right now. The letter specifically stated that if there were any changes in dimensions and/or materials, we would have to re-submit the design. We redesigned the upper and also came up with a "non-drilled" version. These versions have been at BATFE Tech branch for a while now and based on the latest conversation with the agent who it was assigned to, the determination should be finished in a couple of weeks. This is the same agent who made the original determination. He is familiar with the design and all of our past products and letters. The conversation was a positive one.

The Beta testers are continuing to test the Beta Units and at least two of them have well over 12,000 rounds through them. When we get "Approval" of the design, we will have the Beta testers return the Beta Units and Shooting Logs for inspection. After that, we will start production. All tooling is already manufactured, so production will start fairly quickly.

Spots on Waiting Lists are No Longer Transferable

Effective as of 04/11/2018: In order to maintain integrity of our waiting list and ordering process, product must be paid for and shipped to the customer on the list. Your spot on the list is not transferable under any circumstances. If you had contacted us in the past to transfer your spot to someone else and we updated our list to change it to their name, we will honor the change.

First production run of MAX-10/31 Upper Receivers are finished

We have just finished the first production run of MAX-10/31's and will be notifying customers on the waiting list on Monday, 08/01/17. The next batch will be finished in about a month.
EVO Scorpion Stock Adapter

Click here to go to the MAX-10/31 Webpage

2016 Arizona State Subgun Match Winning Run

Here is video of the winning run for the 2016 Arizona State Subgun Match. This run won the Overall Winner Trophy and the Modern Open Class Trophy.
Richard Lage used a Lage Manufacturing, MAX-31 mk2 with 72 round Suomi Drum magazines and one Shockwave ZMAG-S 30 round stick magazine to win the match.

Here is a link to the video on YouTube:
Click here for Video!

2016 Lage Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Richard Bhella for winning the Lage Challenge at the 2016 Arizona State Subgun Match!
Richard used a MAX-11 mk1 to win the Lage Challenge Trophy and $100.00 cash prize.
The Arizona State Subgun Match was on Saturday, October 15th. Richard Lage took first place overall using a MAX-31 mk2. The top 9 subgunners used Lage Manufacturing Uppers. Another great year for Lage Shooters! It was a long match with a lot of challenging shooting and I look forward to doing it again next year. Make sure to practice your grenade tosses :)

Here is a link to the official scores:
Click here for ASSM 2016 Scores

Garrett Jackson Wins KCR National Subgun Match with a LAGE MAX-11 mk1

Congratulations to Garrett Jackson for his Top Gun run at Knob Creek Shooting Range.

Garrett used a MAX-11 mk1 and a Bowers CAC9 suppressor to have the fastest run time of all the other shooters.

Here is a video of his winning run.

Click here for YouTube Video

2016 Lage Challenge Trophy and Prize Money-

Once again, we are sponsoring the Lage Challenge Trophy and $100.00 cash prize at the Arizona State Subgun Match. This will be awarded to the top shooter at the match using a Lage Manufacturing upper receiver.

The 2016 Arizona State Subgun Match is Saturday, October 15th 2016. The theme for ASSM 2016 is Medal Of Honor winners. The seven stages of the match will be based on the citation from a MOH winner. We hope to see you there!

Lage Manufacturing employees are not eligible for this trophy and prize.

Subgun Match Tips:

There are two major Subgun matches coming up this weekend, the Arizona State Subgun Match and the Knob Creek National Subgun Match.
I had posted these tips awhile back on Here they are again.

Click here to see Subgun Match tips

EVO Scorpion and Sig MPX Stock Adapters are ready for sale!

We have designed stock adapters for the EVO Scorpion and Sig MPX. Compatible with all of our stock adapters and folding mechanisms. Additionally, it is compatible with any ACE Rifle Stock patterned stock, folding stock mechanism with two #10-32 mounting screw holes spaced 5/8" (.625") apart. With the addition of our AR-15 Stock Adapter, a commercial or Mil-Spec' buffer tube can be added to attach an AR stock, SIG Brace or Shockwave Blade.
EVO Scorpion Stock Adapter SIG MPX Stock Adapter

2015 Lage Challenge Trophy and Prize Money-

Once again, we are sponsoring the Lage Challenge Trophy and $100.00 cash prize at the Arizona State Subgun Match. This will be awarded to the top shooter at the match using a Lage Manufacturing upper recevier.

Lage Manufacturing MAX-31 and MAX-31 mk2 win 1st place in 4 out of 5 of the classes at 2014 Knob Creek National Subgun Match-

A Big Congratulations to Richard Lage on getting Top Gun at the Knob Creek Spring 2014 Subgun Competition! Kelli Sampsel also came in First Place in the Ladies division shooting a MAX-31! Austin Hipes placed 2nd to Richard by only 5.59 seconds shooting Open Bolt, Iron Sights with a MAX-31! Congrats to Chris Hipes on placing 3rd shooting a MAX-31 mk2 with a Closed Bolt and Optic Sights! Overall, a MAX-31 mk2 was used to win 1st place in 4 out of 5 of the classes!

Here is a link to the winning Top Gun run:

Knob Creek Spring 2014 National Subgun Competition Photos

I brought my camera with me this time to Knob Creek and took around 200 pix of the match.

Click the link to go to our Lage Manufacturing Facebook Album:

Click here to go to Photo Album

New Video- Introduction to the MAX-11 mk2

Click here for YouTube Video
2013 Lage Challenge Won by Chris Huey!

The 2013 Arizona State Subgun Match was yesterday and the scores are in.

Chris Huey is the Winner of the 2013 Lage Challenge Trophy and $100 Gift Certificate. Congratulations Chris!

Modern open results:

1st Place Richard Lage MAX-31 202.79
2nd Place Chris Huey MAX-31 203.12
3rd Place Daniel Allen MAX-31 209.34
4th Place Jon Blaylock MAX-31 228.67

8 out of 9 of the top Modern Open Shooters used MAX-31s.

Regarding the match, alot more props were used this year which made for a more enjoyable shooting experience, Stage design was fun, but challenging, and made for a great match.

Lage Manufacturing MAX-31 and MAX-11 win five fastest times at 2013 Knob Creek National Subgun Match-

Chris Hipes won the Top Gun Trophy at the 2013 Knob Creek National Subgun Match with a time of 105.26.

It was a challenging course of fire and he definitely earned it.

Congratulations Chris!

Five Fastest Times:

1st place Chris Hipes MAX-31 open bolt optics 105.26
2nd place Richard Lage MAX-31 open bolt optics 110.39
3rd place Bruce Emery MAX-11 DF open bolt iron 113.84
4th place Austin Hipes MAX-31 open bolt optics 115.13
5th place Bruce Emery MAX-11 DF open bolt optics 115.28

A big thank you to Paul Winters who designed and set up the match and the whole KCR crew that made it happen.

If you have not shot the Subgun match at Knob Creek Range, you are really missing out on a good time.

Link Video of Top Gun Run

Link to Video of Second Place Run

Where can I buy Suomi M31 Drum Magazines for the MAX-31/MAX-31A?

As of 2/14/2014, Numrich Gun Parts still has M31 Drums in stock. Their price is $39.95 plus shipping.

Link to purchase M31 Drum

Centerfire Systems also carrys M31 Drum Magazines for $19.99 or $29.99 (depending on condition) plus shipping.

Link to purchase M31 Drum - Rusty Condition

Link to purchase M31 Drum
Lage Manufacturing, L.L.C. website improvements:

After much work and revisions, the website has been updated and re-designed. Please let us know if you have any issues accessing any of the website.

Lage Manufacturing now accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover! 01/05/2012:

For no additional fee you can now pay for your order over the phone with a credit card by calling 480-219-8893. Sales hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MST.

RPB Industries, your recommended Source for replacement parts:

If you need replacement parts for your M-11A1, M-11/9, M-10/9 or M-10/45 RPB Industries is the place to go. RPB carries all of the fire control parts for these guns as well as replacement full auto bolt assemblies and upper receivers. You will not find a better source for these parts, or a person who knows more about these guns than Russell at RPB. RPB carries more parts than are shown on their website, so if you do not see a part you need, give them a call.

Here is a link to their website:

RPB Industries

Contact Information:

RPB Industries
Owner: Russell Weeks
Phone Number:(404) 326-6798
E-Mail Address:

Metal Magazines:

For metal magazines for the M-11/9, M-11/A1 and M-10/9, Recon Ordnances' are hard to beat. These magazines are converted from South American PAM-2 magazines and are reparkerized. Jerry is a great guy and stands behind his product. You can order from him with confidence. Magazines are $30.00 each plus shipping.

Contact Information:

Recon Ordnance Company
Attn: Jerry Prasser
Specialties: Class 3, Type 10 Destructive Devices
P.O. Box 829
Fond du Lac, WI 54936
Phone: (920) 922-1515
FAX: (920) 922-0737

Maintenance of your Zytel Magazines:

If you are using Zytel magazines with your MAX-11, you will need to keep them clean for optimal performance. Any carbon fouling or grit will cause problems with the plastic follower against plastic magazine body.

I typically clean my Zytel magazines before every subgun match; once or twice a month. Also, keep in mind that using a suppressor with the MAX-11 will accelerate fouling of the magazines.

Here is the cleaning procedure I use:

1) Use mineral spirits and a bottle brush to clean the inside of the magazine.
2) Blow them out with compressed air.
3) Clean the springs and follower with mineral spirits and a brush and blow dry.
4) Squirt dry graphite powder (the type used for locks) into both ends of the magazine body and shake it around inside the magazine until it is consistently dusted inside. Shake out any excess graphite.
5) Re-assemble the magazine and squirt a little graphite on top of the magazine follower.
Some customers prefer to use a spray silicone lubricant instead of powdered graphite.

A forum for "MAC" owners,

Regardless of which "MAC" you own, you will find a wealth of information at the MAC-10 Talk forum on I regularly post on this forum and view it a couple of times a day. The forum contains great technical information, product reviews and great pictures of "MAC's" in all configurations.

Here is a link to their website: